Joyful Grocery Delivery

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                 4851 West Stamford Street

                 ABILENE TX 79603

When:    Sunday night

Time:      6:00pm

For tickets: Look for crockpot parties!

Cost : $13 + plus the cost of groceries (no more than $50 for groceries!)

Tickets will be $23- $13 will be for the party and $10 will be for the deposit for the food.
You will owe for the groceries -$10 deposit on arrival.

Includes:   Grocery Shopping service!
                  Recipes for 7 meals!
                  Tools provided!
                  Help with prep!
                  Leave the mess!!
                 Groceries bought in bulk to share the savings!

How it works:
You will show up and have fun. When you come in we will have your bags pre-labeled with a recipe card paper clipped on it telling you what all goes into each bag. You will pick a space ready to go with your cutting boards. We will help get your ingredients and prepare your meals. When finished, leave the mess and go home to your clean kitchen!!!

If you buy a ticket and are unable to attend, we will be happy to bring your groceries to you!

KOA ABilene